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Subject Fast Track Supply of Coronavirus-preventing Products
Writer 박혜진 Date 2020-01-30 Read 380
Division International Cooperation Division
Contents Fast track supply of new coronavirus-preventing products
Preparing measures to enable quick purchase of key products for disease prevention such as face masks, and exempting those products from delivery inspection by specialized agencies

□ As concerns grow over a newly identified form of coronavirus, PPS is preparing measures to ensure quick purchase of key products for disease prevention and exempt such products from delivery inspections conducted by specialized agencies.
  ㅇ First off, for request for procurement of goods and services necessary for virus prevention, immediate biddings and direct contracts proceed, which will expedite contract awarding and allow public entities to get their hands on those goods and services promptly. 
  ㅇ Key products for disease prevention such as face masks, sanitizers for medical use, etc. are exempt from delivery inspection.
    - Two to three weeks taken by delivery inspection are saved so that the key goods and services are able to get delivered to public buyers in no time.

□ The fast-track measures are applied to procurement and delivery requests made after January 30 and keep going until the virus is contained.

□ Meanwhile, bracing for expected urgent supply of inspection-preventing products, PPS implements supply and demand inspections for suppliers
  ㅇ This week, PPS monitors suppliers of inspection-preventing products to see if they are able to supply enough amounts of face masks, hand sanitizers, sterilizers, etc. Bracing for the urgent supply, PPS calls for closer cooperation of those suppliers to avoid chaos.

□ PPS Administrator Jung Mookyung said that "the measures are prepared to support pre-emptive disease control activities which aim to contain and end the coronavirus outbreak.
   ㅇ He also added that "PPS will do its utmost to ensure fast and stable supply of diseas prevention products and closely cooperate with KCDC, local governments and other relevant organizations".

*Inquiry: Younghoon Lim, Director of Planning and Finance Division